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I am a personal believer that whatever information you post about yourself on the internet that you have to assume other people are going to read it.  I have a very protective father who let me know in high school that he was fully aware of everything on my facebook from wall posts to pictures, even though I had made sure I had every privacy setting available set.  There are always going to be ways for people to see what you are up to on the internet so first and foremost I think it is important to act as if others are always watching.  I am now friends with my parents, extended family members, my parents friends, and even past employers.  I have gone through every one of my pictures to make sure I would be happy with anyone I know to see them and I watch what is written on my wall and what I say to others.

The article, “When Mom and Dad Asks to be Your Facebook Friend” had the quote, “Students say a little fiddling around with the privacy controls and those pictures from saturday night never existed.”  I found this very funny and am willing to say this is definitely NOT true from personal experience and friends of mine.  Whether it is your mom, dad, dean of your high school, coach, president of your college, future employer, etc. people will definitely be interested and able to find out what happened on Saturday night.

Before this class assignment I had recently gone through and explored facebook’s updated privacy settings.  I am in a sorority and a rule this year during recruitment was to keep your facebook pictures and information private so that only you could see them in order to avoid  past problems during that week.  I found this extremely amusing that facebook is such an active part of college life and life in general today.  For the most part I found the settings to be easy to understand and easy to set to whichever setting you desired.  Facebook separates your “friends” into 3 different categories.  Friends, friends of friends, and everyone, and in the privacy recommendation section I found it interesting which settings facebook felt were most appropriate for everyone to see, which included, “basic information like your About Me description, Family and Relationships, Work and Education Info, and Website, as well as posts that you create, like photo albums and status updates”.  I definitely disagree and think that almost all of this should be set to “only friends” while it is important to be wary that anyone could potentially see your facebook page I don’t think you need to willingly broadcast yourself to everyone who has access to facebook.


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