I am still getting used to the flickr site and working my way around it.  I feel like the site is very simple and easy to use, and has no excess frills.  However, I do not love the idea of posting personal pictures to strangers on the internet it makes me concerned for safety reasons or just general privacy.  I think the site is a good idea to post pictures of interesting places you’ve been or pictures of social society or issues that need to be addressed.  I also think it’s very interesting that the site has been used for major news stations to receive breaking news pictures that people post from camera phones at the scene of events.  I am interested to see if my opinion of Flickr changes seeing that I am now an avid Twitter user, however I think that I normally enjoy social networks where I can connect with friends of mine, rather than all of cyber space.


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Twitter Demo Day

Today in class we shared our twitter accounts and were asked to connect them to our wordpress blogs.  I have said in past posts that I think that any information you post on the internet you should be comfortable sharing with anyone because it is so easily accessible.  I felt like quite the hypocrite today when we were asked to make our twitter accounts public in order for our classmates to access them from our blogs.  I chose to create a second twitter account for the class relating solely to media however I was still very happy to accept classmates to my social twitter.  While I wouldn’t be that concerned if my account was public there is sort of a sense of security in having that privacy setting where you have to approve people to follow you on twitter or look at your facebook profile.  The global media and internet seems so huge and daunting and it is stressful to think that anyone anywhere is able to see what I am doing or thinking from my twitter updates so I figure I will use as many privacy settings available even though in reality if someone wanted to it would not be difficult to gain access to these sites.  I was very amused by this today, but either way I have a link to my social twitter as well as my class twitter on my blog and everyone is welcome to follow me and it will be interesting to see the biggest differences I find between my two twitter accounts.  Have a nice day!

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“How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live”

In the article, “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live” by Steve Johnson in Time Magazine I learned about the many global effects that twitter has had on the business, social, celebrity, and networking world.  It was a very interesting article that began by introducing how twitter works and how such a simple idea has gotten so much attention in the global media.  It then discussed the idea of “ambient awareness” and how you are able to get a very close look into to everyday lives and routines of the people you follow on twitter, it gives you the information without you having to ask.  It also discussed how Twitter has not sold out to any major corporations even though sites like facebook have offered about $500 million.

The really great part about twitter is that it is expanding exponentially and improving through users, not through those on the twitter payroll.  Many of the features and core applications have been developed by innovative and interested users.  The conclusion to this article was especially interesting:

“This is what I ultimately find most inspiring about the Twitter phenomenon. We are living through the worst economic crisis in generations, with apocalyptic headlines threatening the end of capitalism as we know it, and yet in the middle of this chaos, the engineers at Twitter headquarters are scrambling to keep the servers up, application developers are releasing their latest builds, and ordinary users are figuring out all the ingenious ways to put these tools to use. There’s a kind of resilience here that is worth savoring. The weather reports keep announcing that the sky is falling, but here we are — millions of us — sitting around trying to invent new ways to talk to one another.”

We are currently in a very tough economy and it is so interesting and exciting to see that the social networking is only growing that much more powerful.,8599,1902604,00.html

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Before this class I had never heard of the site “Flickr” and when it came up in the reading for this week I was very intrigued.  The website is a very simple idea, “people take pictures, people share pictures, you see pictures” (Harley 33) but the site has had extraordinary results.  When you first go to the site it looks very user friendly, the options are to “share & stay in touch”, “upload & organize”, “make stuff”, and “explore”.  You don’t even need an account if you want to explore and you can look through interesting photos, sets, groups etc. the possibilities are endless.  And on the sites home page it shows you a continuous number of uploads that have occurred in the last minute and currently that number is 5,488 photos!  This site has so many users it’s unbelievable.

The most interesting information about Flickr is how helpful and reliable the site has been with breaking news and the general public interest.  The London Transport bombings, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the Military Coup in Thailand are just a few examples of incidents that Flickr has received the fastest pictures and information from these scenes.  People who were bystanders to these incidents were able to take pictures on their camera phone and email the pictures to the site.  Giving the most immediate and honest responses to these events.

Flickr has been so successful because it is not a company employing these photographers, it is simply a platform for users to photograph and post whatever they please.  “Loosely coordinated groups can now achieve things that were previously out of reach for any other organizational structure… Social tools provide a third alternative: action by loosely structured groups, operating without managerial direction and outside the profit motive” (Harley 47).  Flickr is one of the many social platforms that is gaining popularity and power in our society and may at some point take over the major forms of constructed media.

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