Before this class I had never heard of the site “Flickr” and when it came up in the reading for this week I was very intrigued.  The website is a very simple idea, “people take pictures, people share pictures, you see pictures” (Harley 33) but the site has had extraordinary results.  When you first go to the site it looks very user friendly, the options are to “share & stay in touch”, “upload & organize”, “make stuff”, and “explore”.  You don’t even need an account if you want to explore and you can look through interesting photos, sets, groups etc. the possibilities are endless.  And on the sites home page it shows you a continuous number of uploads that have occurred in the last minute and currently that number is 5,488 photos!  This site has so many users it’s unbelievable.

The most interesting information about Flickr is how helpful and reliable the site has been with breaking news and the general public interest.  The London Transport bombings, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the Military Coup in Thailand are just a few examples of incidents that Flickr has received the fastest pictures and information from these scenes.  People who were bystanders to these incidents were able to take pictures on their camera phone and email the pictures to the site.  Giving the most immediate and honest responses to these events.

Flickr has been so successful because it is not a company employing these photographers, it is simply a platform for users to photograph and post whatever they please.  “Loosely coordinated groups can now achieve things that were previously out of reach for any other organizational structure… Social tools provide a third alternative: action by loosely structured groups, operating without managerial direction and outside the profit motive” (Harley 47).  Flickr is one of the many social platforms that is gaining popularity and power in our society and may at some point take over the major forms of constructed media.


February 3, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. cnabs replied:

    Greaaaat another social media network I want to join…just what I need lol another distraction!

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