“How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live”

In the article, “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live” by Steve Johnson in Time Magazine I learned about the many global effects that twitter has had on the business, social, celebrity, and networking world.  It was a very interesting article that began by introducing how twitter works and how such a simple idea has gotten so much attention in the global media.  It then discussed the idea of “ambient awareness” and how you are able to get a very close look into to everyday lives and routines of the people you follow on twitter, it gives you the information without you having to ask.  It also discussed how Twitter has not sold out to any major corporations even though sites like facebook have offered about $500 million.

The really great part about twitter is that it is expanding exponentially and improving through users, not through those on the twitter payroll.  Many of the features and core applications have been developed by innovative and interested users.  The conclusion to this article was especially interesting:

“This is what I ultimately find most inspiring about the Twitter phenomenon. We are living through the worst economic crisis in generations, with apocalyptic headlines threatening the end of capitalism as we know it, and yet in the middle of this chaos, the engineers at Twitter headquarters are scrambling to keep the servers up, application developers are releasing their latest builds, and ordinary users are figuring out all the ingenious ways to put these tools to use. There’s a kind of resilience here that is worth savoring. The weather reports keep announcing that the sky is falling, but here we are — millions of us — sitting around trying to invent new ways to talk to one another.”

We are currently in a very tough economy and it is so interesting and exciting to see that the social networking is only growing that much more powerful.



February 11, 2010. Uncategorized.

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