Google Map: My Favorite Restaurants in Winter Park!

Here is my own google map of my favorite restaurants in Winter Park ūüôā This shows a small description and link to websites of the restaurants and the locations of these places. ¬†Let me know what you think!


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Google Map: My Favorite Restaurants in Winter Park!

Here is my own google map of my favorite restaurants in Winter Park ūüôā This shows a small description and link to websites of the restaurants and the locations of these places. ¬†Let me know what you think!

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interesting website about privacy controls on social media:

This website came up on my twitter live feed posted by JD Lasica, about how people who are not subscribed to websites such as facebook who still have a number of pictures of them floating around the web, and people are fighting out against this and saying it is a breach of their privacy.  I found this very interesting, let me know what you think!

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Social Service Websites I Support:

In class today we all shared different social service websites that we support and feel raise awareness or bring help to social problems that we support. ¬†I spoke about Children’s Friend and Family Services located in Salem, Massachusetts. ¬†Their current mission statement is, “To improve the lives of children and promote strong families by partnering with community organizations to provide services to strengthen individuals, families, and community life.” ¬†I feel this is an extremely influential and beneficial cause for the New England area and they have had so many success stories from parent to parent counseling, mental health counseling, juvenile court services etc. ¬†Another organization that I strongly support is Christopher’s Haven located in Boston, Massachusetts. ¬†Their mission statement is, “to make a tangible difference in the day-to-day lives of children and the families who bring them to the MassGeneral Hospital for Children for cancer treatment by providing comfortable housing and a supportive community.” ¬†This organization has changed the lives of so many families and made some of the most challenging situations much more comfortable in an extremely loving and supportive community. ¬†Both organizations are very important to me and I think they could use everyone’s support. ¬†Christopher’s Haven is now on facebook but neither website have a lot of media support, and could definitely use more to get their name started. ¬†Look over the sites and let me know what you think, thanks!

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Can Wikipedia Conquer Expertise?

Wikipedia has become the 17th most popular website on the internet and has basically replaced the need for an encyclopedia. ¬†The article, “Know it All” in the New Yorker discusses how it is transforming the internet and the ability to retrieve information. ¬†It goes on to discuss how Wikipedia has no physical limits like any Britannica type encyclopedia and that the possibilities are endless. “The how-to entries represent territory that the encyclopedia has not claimed since the eighteenth century” Wikipedia is able to address specific problems, recipes, and give information on almost any topic imaginable. ¬†Wikipedia also acts a filter for google searches and sorts through necessary and unnecessary information, however it pays back by offering related sites to go to in order to find more information on the topic. ¬†The creator of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, says that he is on a mission to ‚Äúdistribute a free encyclopedia to every single person on the planet in their own language,‚ÄĚ and to an astonishing degree he is succeeding. ¬†They also address the fact that sometimes Wikipedia may not be entirely accurate but it is basically as close as you will get, the media and and other encyclopedias are often wrong, but Wikipedia is an internet platform where information can be edited and sent out again instantaneously. ¬†This was a very interesting article that I suggest everyone read!

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Quiz Camp Day 2: Solutions

For our second day of Quiz Camp we went over the possible solutions to our problem focused on the vast and increasing number of residential foreclosures in Winter Park.  Some of the solutions we came up with are as follows:

– decreasing interest rates

– mortgage companies should take more care in checking their clients background/credit history


Educational Loan Programs

* high school, college, courses offered by the bank

* GenEd requirement?

Design 99

*public art project

purchase homes for under $1,000


*Gov. Program

*Lower mortgage payments

*owners pay no more than 31% of their monthly income

WHAT WE (Rollins Students) CAN DO

create a charitable organization that purchases and refurbishes foreclosed homes

– fundraisers, posters, blogging

– raise awareness through the media ‚Äď facebook, twitter, flickr

-we created a twitter account, please follow us! @4closurecliq

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Interesting Websites and Research Done on Residential Foreclosures

In addition I was able to find some interesting websites to show that the problem is extremely visible in our media today:

There are so many different websites describing the problems at hand, from families losing homes and jobs leading to foreclosure, and then crash of the real estate market as a whole.

There are also a number of websites that give you an idea, opinion or important concept to keep in mind with the current real estate market crisis as well as a forecast of what there is to come in the future.  However it is hard to really know how long it will take for the market to bounce back.

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Quiz Camp: Residential Foreclosures in Winter Park

Today in class we discussed the issue of the rising residential foreclosures in Winter Park, FL and tried to come up with reasons behind it, areas that need to be changed, and solutions for the futures.  Our group discussion today resulted in some very interesting discourse and some ideas that I had not thought of before, I felt it was very constructive.

As a group we used Stuart Hall’s communication model as a starting point to look deeper into our research problem, this involved bringing the issue into visibility and allowing many-to-many communication about the issue occur. ¬†Our first day of work was focused mainly on mapping out the general problem. ¬†We came up with: The number of foreclosures in Winter Park, leaving families homeless, disrupts families schools neighborhoods and communities, ruins personal credit and prevents people from buying houses in the future, the real estate market crashes and the prices of houses decrease.

Our second issue involved the stakeholders in the problem.  We felt it was difficult to determine who was the good guy and who was the bad guy in this scenario because it can be seen from multiple perspectives.  However, those involved include: the state, real estate market agents, local businesses, home owners, families, the government, law enforcement etc.  Our third issue covered the structural issues involved which we felt included the need for mortgage policy to be changed to a stricter process on what you need to take out a loan, and to discover why and where foreclosures are happening.

The next topic was about dominant ideology in our problem which I found very interesting. ¬†There is an American Dream ideal where American’s aspire to live a greater life than their parents did or that they may necessarily be able to afford. ¬†In general it is a good outlook to strive to the best of your ability but it is also very important to be conscious of your decisions. ¬†Mortgage companies also got very caught up in making money and were so quick to give out loans and mortgages to people without enough questioning or information. ¬†We live in a very consumer driven society based on credit cards where people are capable of spending money they don’t have with this false sense of security that it will all work out. ¬†There is also an extreme misconception of what it means to own a house, many people don’t own their houses for 20 years, it is important not to forget that until you pay off your mortgage your house belongs to the bank.

We next discussed the underlying assumptions surrounding foreclosures in Winter Park.  From a distance Winter Park comes off as a very ritzy and wealthy area however there are parts of it where this is far from true.  Mortgage companies may have also put too much trust in their clients and assumed they would keep their jobs and have no issue paying off their loans.  Beyond that bankruptcy brings up a number of issues and may prevent the person from bringing back up their credit score which could prevent them from owning or renting a home again.  There is also an assumption that these people or families will find somewhere else to live, but who is to say that they have another place to go or even a car that can get them there?

After doing some research we found that the issue of residential foreclosures is definitely visible.  There are foreclosure signs on houses, there are websites that show houses for sale after foreclosures, and there are even maps of the area that show where houses have gone for foreclosure.  We also see on the news stories about the rise in foreclosures and the issue of homelessness increasing.  However there is also an invisible side to it, it is sometimes hard to know if someone is having credit issues or trouble paying for their house.  It can be easy to mask your financial status and how much you may have actually paid for your house.

In conclusion our group was definitely able to identify the key problems surrounding residential foreclosures in Winter Park and on Thursday we will have hopefully come up with a number of ideas and solutions to help eliminate the problem of foreclosures in our city.

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