Social Justice Map Presentation:

Today we presented our google map which pin points locations on Rollins College Campus and in the greater Winter Park area that are wheelchair accessible.  We hope this map can be put to use by those visiting Winter Park, Rollins students, and perspective Rollins students.  We are also hoping that the disability services as well as the admissions office will think about utilizing our maps in their departments to bring assistance to those injured or handicapped.  In addition we would like to present this map to the Welcome Center in Winter Park to assist those in town visiting.

Overall, this was a very interesting project, and we are hoping that it will make a difference and create a positive change at Rollins and in Winter Park!


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Social Justice Mapping Final Project: Wheelchair Accessibility in Winter Park

This is a map made for our Social Justice Class at Rollins College. We have mapped out locations that Rollins students and Winter Park residents frequently visit.

Through this mapping project we were hoping to create positive social change in the Winter Park community by adding an aid to those who would benefit greatly from knowing in advance which locations and buildings were wheelchair accessible.  We were pleasantly surprised by how many buildings on the Rollins campus as well in the surroundings area on Park Avenue were wheelchair accessible.  Winter Park is such a beautiful area and everyone should be able to enjoy it no matter what disability or injury they may be suffering from.  We hope that this map will become useful to anyone looking to visit Winter Park in the future!

Here are some statistics about wheelchair users:
1 million wheelchair users
1 out of 250 persons
10,000 people every year are spinal cord injured
82% of spinal cord injuries are male
307,000 under age 44 use wheelchairs–[US Dept of Health]

Here are some websites providing more information about disability services in Winter Park, FL:

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Interactive Mapping:

Interactive maps are a new way of visualizing social justice issues.  They allow you to combine the new technologies of the Internet along with the visual appeal of a map to present an issue or subject more clearly.

Christian Kreutz blogs about maptivism and discusses the very positive effects that interactive mapping can have in helping solve social justice issues.  Kreutz discusses how these digital maps can be updated immediately with real time information.  They are also very accessible to the public on the Internet, and more and more volunteers are contributing to help in the efforts to bring the awareness of certain justice issues to as many people as possible.  A few examples of successful and very influential interactive maps have been the Green Map System, Eight Maps, and World Mapper.  The Green Map System was created in order to bring awareness about natural and cultural resources in Gambia, and also to make the community aware of the environmental hazards and challenges the country is facing.  Eight Maps was a controversial map that was created in San Francisco to map out certain people who support a campaign against same sex marriage.  This map does become an issue of privacy but still brings to light an issue in the community.  The World Mapper interactive map is very interesting; it shows the ecological footprint that each country is leaving on the world by shading and coloring different sections according to damage being done and the efforts being met.

Mark Luckie is another blogger who discusses other unique and innovative maps on the web today.  He discusses how new interactive maps provide the viewer with such a range of data visualization and information to make the viewer aware of the issue at hand.  A few of the interesting maps mentioned are Away We Go, Public 911, and Flu Tracker.  The Away We Go map was based off the movie “Away We Go” and asked music fans to plot their music related memories on the map.  Each post could be browsed by artist, track, or location and you could click on and listen to the audio clip mentioned.   The Public 911 map plots the recent 911 class in the area on the interactive map and shows both active and closed calls.  This map is planning on being added to many more cities in the US.  And the Flu Tracker map marks the cases of swine flu reported all over the world.  Users can zoom in to see the details of each case and see which locations has the highest case.

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Kathleen Richards wrote an article about the social media site “Yelp” and some issues that people are having with it.  Yelp is a public review website where anyone can write a comment or post about any business they choose.  At first this seems like a good idea for the public to be able to write recommendations and reviews about their personal experiences of visiting these places.  The slogan for the site is, “real reviews by real people.”  Unfortunately not all people writing on this website had good intentions, people were commenting negative reviews in order to promote their business and hurt another.  To make matters worse, businesses were getting phone calls from the creator of Yelp offering them a chance to have any negative reviews removed, but for a price.  Businesses felt under pressure and almost black mailed into the power of this website.  They also felt like the whole idea was a scam by the producers to turn a profit from people worried about their businesses reputation.  It is frightening to realize that these social media sites could create a very negative and unnecessary impact on businesses

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When I first heard about this website for the first time I was a little skeptical.  However when I looked through the profiles and people in need I came across Raniah from Lebanon:

Raniah is a 34-year-old single mother of two children who got divorced a few years ago. Since then she has been doing her best to improve her living and financial situation, but more importantly to depend upon herself.

She decided to open a child care in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, where she takes care of children when they come to spend the day, play, sleep, eat and do many activities. Raniah is very devoted to her work. She said that she loves the children as if they were her own kids. She decided to open her child care because she learned about it at school and used to work as a kindergarten teacher.

Today, for the first time, she asked for a loan from Al Majmoua in order to purchase educational toys for the children, as well as to add new decorations. In the future, she plans to keep on improving her child care as well as her financial situation.

Raniah seemed like she had such a great cause and I was happy to donate to her cause!  Good Luck Raniah 🙂

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Final Mapping Project: Wheelchair Accessibility in Winter Park

For our final mapping project we will be mapping wheel chair accessibility throughout Winter Park, mainly on Park Ave. and on Rollins campus. Ideally, our final map will be composed of points showing which locations throughout Winter Park have wheel chair access along with links to information posted to our blogs, photos taken and posted to our flickr accounts, and you tube or original video showing peoples reactions and feelings towards the importance of wheel chair accessibility. In order to accomplish this goal of having a multifaceted map, we will stick to this timeline to keep us on track:

Week 1 (April 5-9): Conduct general research on the topic of wheel chair accessibility as a social justice issue

Week 2 (April 12-16): Conduct more in-depth research about the issue in the Winter Park community. This weekend go around in Winter Park and photograph wheel chair accessible places and/or conduct interview(s) with a handicapped person or persons.

Week 3 (April 19-23): Have several group meetings in which we will work on putting all of our information together onto our google map. Have a final meeting where we make sure we have everything we wanted to have and make any final adjustments to our map.

If we stick to this schedule (more or less), our plan of mapping wheel chair accessibility in Winter Park and at Rollins should turn out very well.

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Foursquare Website: check it out!

Four Square is a new and innovative website that is focused on social networking.  The site can be used through your mobile phone or computer and acts as sort of a game.  Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai created the site, and since early 2010 the site had about 500,000 members internationally.  The slogan for the site is, “Check in, find your friends, and unlock your city.”

The site is very interconnected within the web, you can access foursquare through facebook, twitter, blogging, flickr, as well as google maps.  The way that foursquare works is that users “check in” at certain locations or venues, through their phone or computer.   Users can receive badges by checking in at locations that are tagged or have a high frequency.  If a user has continually, on separate days, checked in to a venue more than any other user they are crowned “Mayor” of that venue.  All users also have the ability to create new locations and give tips or advice about any venue.  The site already has many different locations in Winter Park, it is very entertaining and interesting to read the comments of some of the users.

I was very entertained looking through the website I think it is a new and interesting idea that combines blogging with a mixture of expedia and google maps.  I believe that the website will definitely grow in popularity and expand to many more locations.  I am very interested in these social networking sites, a few of them, such as facebook and twitter are already such a big part of our lives and the marketing industry, and it will be exciting to see what the next big one will be in the future.

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