Foursquare Website: check it out!

Four Square is a new and innovative website that is focused on social networking.  The site can be used through your mobile phone or computer and acts as sort of a game.  Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai created the site, and since early 2010 the site had about 500,000 members internationally.  The slogan for the site is, “Check in, find your friends, and unlock your city.”

The site is very interconnected within the web, you can access foursquare through facebook, twitter, blogging, flickr, as well as google maps.  The way that foursquare works is that users “check in” at certain locations or venues, through their phone or computer.   Users can receive badges by checking in at locations that are tagged or have a high frequency.  If a user has continually, on separate days, checked in to a venue more than any other user they are crowned “Mayor” of that venue.  All users also have the ability to create new locations and give tips or advice about any venue.  The site already has many different locations in Winter Park, it is very entertaining and interesting to read the comments of some of the users.

I was very entertained looking through the website I think it is a new and interesting idea that combines blogging with a mixture of expedia and google maps.  I believe that the website will definitely grow in popularity and expand to many more locations.  I am very interested in these social networking sites, a few of them, such as facebook and twitter are already such a big part of our lives and the marketing industry, and it will be exciting to see what the next big one will be in the future.


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