Final Mapping Project: Wheelchair Accessibility in Winter Park

For our final mapping project we will be mapping wheel chair accessibility throughout Winter Park, mainly on Park Ave. and on Rollins campus. Ideally, our final map will be composed of points showing which locations throughout Winter Park have wheel chair access along with links to information posted to our blogs, photos taken and posted to our flickr accounts, and you tube or original video showing peoples reactions and feelings towards the importance of wheel chair accessibility. In order to accomplish this goal of having a multifaceted map, we will stick to this timeline to keep us on track:

Week 1 (April 5-9): Conduct general research on the topic of wheel chair accessibility as a social justice issue

Week 2 (April 12-16): Conduct more in-depth research about the issue in the Winter Park community. This weekend go around in Winter Park and photograph wheel chair accessible places and/or conduct interview(s) with a handicapped person or persons.

Week 3 (April 19-23): Have several group meetings in which we will work on putting all of our information together onto our google map. Have a final meeting where we make sure we have everything we wanted to have and make any final adjustments to our map.

If we stick to this schedule (more or less), our plan of mapping wheel chair accessibility in Winter Park and at Rollins should turn out very well.


April 15, 2010. Uncategorized.

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